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Hormonal Imbalances in Men | Melbourne

The assessment and treatment of Men with Hormonal Disorders is one of the highly specialized areas of clinical expertise offered by the Victorian Diabetes Endocrine Network.

All About Men's Hormonal Health

Andrology is the branch of Endocrinology that deals with Men's Health. One of the most common concerns is low testosterone. Numerous testosterone therapies are available for men with proven testosterone deficiency. Erectile Dysfunction is more common in men as they age especially if they have additional health concerns.

Low testosterone is estimated to affect 1 in 200 men

Testosterone Victoria

Expert Endocrinologists

Male Reproductive Disorders  Malvern, Brighton, Frankston, Clayton, Melbourne

The Endocrinologists at the Victorian Diabetes Endocrine Network are Experts in the field of Male Reproductive Disorders and serve as Key Opinion Leaders in Andrology, Male Sexual Dysfunction and Infertility. They are acknowledged for their important research and teaching contributions in this field of Endocrinology.

Expert advice about hormonal concerns and sexual health

Men's Health

  • Androgen Deficiency (Low Testosterone)
  • Testosterone Replacement
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Low Libido

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